Friday, 8 May 2015

I valued

I hv this on mind fr past few days and really wanted to say it immediately but screw assignments and lotta stuff to do lately 

i got no time yay

so , i havent contact my friends ( outside from perak) for quite a long time , and recently whatsapped and tweeted with them really made my day

some people dont really changes even youve know them fr a longgg longg time yeah , alhamdulillah :) Allah saved the right ones and makes them stay which i really grateful for that

yknow , despite having a hrd times here struggling to get to know and blend with new people here and yeah not to mention we're having some conflict , they're with me showers me with positive   words tho we're afar from each other

that's really one of the things i valued the most

Gosh im soo homesick rn , i miss le familia lol my friends as well damn i need long holidays fr myself haih