Sunday, 17 May 2015

"i made it tho"

persetankan sekejap mixed feelings aku
aku nak kongsi juga one of precious moment dalam hidup aku bila tengok kakak yang selama ni hidup dan ada dengan aku , konvo .

like finally , after 2 yrs and a half kakak graduated and has achieved one of your life goals . Am really proud of ya sista and surely i'll follow yr step in sha Allah 3 yrs more if and only if i could bare with the shit-ness of my course and people around me hmm hey i still got my happy pills there yknow who you are ayye

thats not the main point and what i really wanted to say is , lets continue to mark our success after this and make ibuayah proud fr having us as their children ( ehemm dedicated to am too kay) ibu ayah has been waiting fr so long for this moment in their life and im so happy finally one of us , our sister the first child  made it ( despite the hardships you hv to go through) now you may yell shout or even scream your lungs ooit

“thanks fr feeding me with all yr hatred or love on me , i made it tho"