Thursday, 23 February 2017

Life, present future and past.


I am currently in my sem break. Yes, back at home again like finally after a messy and hectic life facing exams and final projects. Alhamdulillah , even i barely make it till the end , but i managed to ended all things survived. Things getting tough like seriously. The final week filled with so much tense, depression and lack of will. I almost gave up , but having a pure circle, my friends cheer me up with spirits and support. Beautiful.

Internship soon will meet me. I've got the place, Blessed to have my close friend together at a place. At least there will be no awkward moments when i first start my internship gagaga. I somehow even questioned myself if ever ready to face the obstacles but then, there was never a time i really prepare myself tho. Everything was like main redah asal aku buat lmao. So, i am really hoping i could do the best outta me, no embarassing myself kind of drama and etc which will makes me wanna die before i went back to SI to proceed the next semester. Not to mention , doing research while working is quite challenging but i gotta embrace. All way to go.

I am missing my free times i ever had before the real life start to hit me hard. Facebook, twitter and blogging all day, watch youtube whenever i feels like to, fangirl all my heart out. Those days when i even got time to memorize kpop's choreo with my friends though. Whut a good old times lah weh. Nowadays i stick to twitter to keep me updates about everything bcs literally twitter is like a gossip, news and entertainment packs for me lel. Easier meh rather than to have many apps running in your phone then lagged ugh.

Tbh, when i start to dig into adult's life . I learnt that having support from our own fam is a really nice thing. To pursue studies , to start working, to get married and even getting ill. I learnt that only family will stood by our side so really, appreaciate every each of our own family member. Comes hell or high water, keep them close to you.

The last thing is, i really won't give a damn whatever unrelated things revolve around me. I'm gonna focus on my track, stay in my lane and continue what ive been started. The only things i had in my list are, getting degree , makes my parents and whole fam proud, earn my own money to repay my parents then after that, i will start to plan more for my life. Unnecessary and silly shits i will not tolerate if it does not cost any piece of me to care to.

Im hittin the sack right now.