Friday, 3 March 2017


Hi, actually i am currently reading bts's fancafe when out of blue i found myself staring at blogger apps, wanting to shout out my feelings.

I don't know.
Have you ever feel, when you're reading a good stories or writing then the urge to write also come, too. Bcs , i do. I always amazed those people who could express their feelings best and use high grade words. Other than few Malaysian's artis which I respect em, Korean got bunches  who's very good using their vocab maybe bcs they always work on musics and compose the lyrics. That's why i think. I always need that mood when you want to rant comes so I'll write good words. I need the comfort, the surrounding or even people around you so you'll get inspiration to write. It's either  good mood or in bad situation, you can express everything coolly and well.

Sometimes, bcs i love rainy day i always appreciate every drops coming down from the sky. Hearing the sound already makes me calm and i always long for it. Sometimes when I'm too immersed with my feelings, i will start climbing back all the memories I cherished. Too bad, we all couldn't turn back time to live the memories back. What's this, i talk craps ugh i need to stay on the track

I'm writing this at the end of my procrastinating kind of day. Internship starting this Monday and i suddenly feels so lazy but as we grew older we got to be more responsible incase to survive in this world. Why im so bad at this suddenly idk what to write gosh 

I'll come back later ;)))