Sunday, 23 April 2017



Not gonna rant about anything deep or whut but this's gonna be me updating my current life ; an internship student at an architecture firm.

So far so good, but not too well oh well because my progress quite slow than my friends, literally because my place is in the slow state of their business maybe they tryna get back to their stable position after just moved out from their old previous building.

So whut's interesting over there? Nothing much, my boss got no chill and really cold towards us but hey sometimes he treated us good food, i guess he's having love-hate towards his co-worker. He rarely smiles but there was a times he told us jokes and laughed at his own jokes. Well that's quite cute actually, no lies okay. Haha. 

His wife always stays by my boss's side because no other place when husb and wife are working together other than as boss-PA position lol. She had cold face and i really scared of her when i was there on the first day, but actually she's nice and tolerate-able person. Pretty  like no wonder boss has his heart to her gagagga why am I talking much about them whut an ass-stalker, Nadia!

On the first day, i'm such a nuisance to my cubicle-mate aka Topek, a very gentleman and composed guy but sigh he's getting married okay so no way no way no hard feelings okay but lel I don't even care much about that. And macha have guts to make me sit beside him which always left me awkwardly everyday along with thoughts "whut to say to him" "how should i greet him in the morning" but the efforts all went into trash bin because all the words I've been practicing to speak to him became sealed with my lips. Stupid introvert problem i got there. Like, every.single.time. Heol.

Thanked god, there are Abang sarf, kak Syaza and Kak farah ;) yes i can say they loosened up a bit the tense in the air during office hours or i'll died because of bored-ness strike. They're friendly, cool and fun person to be with. All thanks got to go to Abg sarf which always make us feels welcomed. Taughts us many things without even getting upset or mad or tempered because yes i'm a slow learner when it comes to using SketchUp and i remembered i asked like tons question , and he has to repeat couple of times, hihi. Sorry. He told us his experiences, his background etcccc manyyyyy things and yes even took us to lunchhhhhh ;)))) i always loves free foods sobs. Gotta repay him something before our inern ended.

But one thing makes me realised during at this time, earning money is so tiring like how did every single parents bear with it?! I reached home with sore and tired body , i wanted to doze off right after i throw myself on the bed but reality snapped me real hard that i am at somebody's home and hey where's your mannerrrrrr ?? So i have to endure everything yep go prepare food , eat , watch tv and chit chat sesh afterwards , i may excuse myself . What a long day :(

I'll write more later :)