Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Turning point.

Almost 3a.m. but here i am still couldnt fix my doze-off-to-bed schedule and wide awake almost every night. Yeah I'm ruined.

This sem break i swear the best break i ever had in my life, for no good reasons to apply. Idk , it is just the same days i went through but there's something slightly different.

I did self-reflection a lot. Yes.
Gained and learnt a lot.

Funny is, not something related to my course's knowledge or etc but tbvh it is about time for me to learn about myself. To discover and dig gold inside myself so that i can change and become a better person than before.

My nights filled with endless thoughts that sometimes led to burst out tears cause i cant help myself to think about my past and how i managed to reach at this part of my life cause everytime i recalled all those bitter and good memories , i struggled hard af and it was too tiring tbh.
Damn tiring.

i swear if i am given a chance to repeat those process , i'll reject it in the first place, really.

emotionally and physically drained. Fck those days.

Thinking this sem break would be the right time to spend it to the max with good things , i started to do things like this, self-reflection-ing . Being in the last year of teens, i need to change. Slowly but surely to be better than before. In sha Allah.