Monday, 18 July 2016

Just because we rarely talk to each other you feels like im forgetting you, um no.

"If they love you, they'll make time for you"

I don't live with that damn rule in my life.

If you simply miss me, come to me and let's start the conversation.

Stop judging and spreading false words and blaming people around you just because you assume they're abandoning your existence.

We're in 20's for god sake.

I grew tired in many people, because things like this.
I sound mean, i am.
I can tell you.

But seriously, actually im wearing your shoes. Every single person feels that. But  some can deal with it.

Not because they forgot you but because they lost their hopes many times and having huge trust issue problem and if someone come, they wont simply push you away actually.

Come. Do the talk.
Assume later.