Sunday, 30 October 2016

anak ibu ayah

Umur dah injak 20 tahun.
Tapi sungguh , manja pada ibu ayah rasa tak pernah dan takkan berkurang.
Kasihnya aku pada ibu ayah terlampau tingi.
Rasanya makin besar makin nak dekat dengan ibu ayah.

Bila balik tiga hari rasa macam berapa jam.
Seminggu jumpa masih rasa tak puas.
Macam mana tu?

Padahal sebenarnya kalau ikutkan umur dah boleh kahwin nih (kening double jerk)

gurau je. dengan ibu ayah pun susah nak berpisah ada hati fikir nak kahwin aggaga

Sunday, 23 October 2016

them whom full of themselves

wrote this under unstabe state of mind.

The anger that eaten my mind and soul
because of these shitty creatures 
what's my fault for you to be so mediocre
towards my life?

I wish you guys would just become invinsible 
from my sight
just the smoke of ciggarates
useless and suffers others

What's inside your heart?
I've never been there sorry but no
that's such a disgusting place for my feet to step on
smelly, dark and ugly.

How can you lives your life?
leaving your shits around and still
can walk proudly?

Good grades ? what? Being rich what?
You're poor inside your soul, poor soul
You was born for nothing except thirst for fame and pleasure
Open your eyes widely

There's so much more coming in this life
You wears gold and walk highly
stepping others down with pride selfishly

Maybe you won't realise that your gold
a cover of parasit inside that can ended
your life just like you did to others
anytime while you being proud.