Friday, 7 December 2012

shoutout je mampu sebab jauh

credit to the owner :)

Okayh , aku tak lupa juga nak wish . hari nie birthday kakak kesayangan aku  nomnomnommm . Sayang akak :) Kinda sad sebab first time birthday dia jauh dengan kitorang . Tak oh oh ohsemm kan ?

Dear Sis ,
Thanks for being my perfect sister . If you could only know how I love you and grateful to have you as my sister . You was the most important and meaningful in my life and I heart you to the max . Thank you for all those our memories . I cherish it ;) You are my other half sis . Losing you is impposible to me and i could not accept it . The best thing having a sister is you know that you always have a friend ;) I love you till my last breath sis . You will be my only sister till Jannah . Take a good care of yourself . I'll always pray the best for you . Be happy on your day , sis ;)

Sincerely , your ADIK :)